Our Team is totally crazy about process optimization and software licensing. We are experts in software purchase optimisation, IT asset management and implementation. With our support, companies can save a lot of money on software and licensing purchases. We have a lot of licensing know-how and a great network in Switzerland and beyond.

We are...



There is not much new you can tell us about IT asset management (ITAM) and purchase optimisation. Because that is all we do. Being an expert means that we can explain you the bigger picture of ITAM from A to Z. Still, the devil is in the details, and we know where to look.



Our competition consists of sourcing companies, vendors, consultants, resellers and distributors. They are bigger, but that doesn’t mean they are better. We only focus on your strategy, processes and goals, we don’t sell software ourselves.


Business enablers

IT asset management processes are seldom the main focus of a business. You want to thrive and grow your business. Meanwhile you might be spending money on software & hardware you don’t even need. We offer you a way to free up large amounts of resources.

Our Approach

A clear three step process.


1. Eliminate Risks

Our risk assessment workshop helps you quickly indetify Problem Zones. After the workshop we can demonstrate where your weaknesses are and if there is a need for urgent handling.


2. Get Organized

With Managed SAM Services we monitor and measure your software and hardware usage and check if this matched with your licenses. Therefore you can use our Cloud SAM software for an easy & uncomplicated Start.


3. Optimize Software Investments

The realised savings enables companies to grow & transform their business. We believe in an integrated solution: monitoring for risk reduction, purchase optimisation and growth.

Want to work with us?

If you are in the Software Industry and would like to work for a Swiss Startup? Than contact us about any further collaboration. We will get back to you.