License Compliance Risk Analysis

Our experts were working for big software vendors and know excately how they nominate audit candidates. Based on that expirience we`ve build our license compliance risk analysis framework. It helps our clients detect potential risks and receive a to-do list for time where it`s their turn.

Identify Risks

With our assessment you analyse license compliance throught your organization; creating transparency lowers the risk of noncompliance.


Consolidate your Licenses

Together we try to find every single license entitlement. We know the most common places to look at to find all of them.


Entitlements vs. Deployment

After having all your license entitlements and your deployment summary, we are able to see the gaps. Now it`s time to optimize.


1-3 Day Workshop

We try to keep our engagement as minimal as possible. During a 1-3 Day Workshop we can identify 99% of all issues in your effective licese position.


Fair Price

Our daily rate for the license compliance risk analysis is 990 CHF (950EUR). We see this offering as introductory price.


You can trust us

We are 100% indipendent and do our job honestly and fair. We undersign for not getting any incentives from software vendors or resellers.

We'd love to hear from you

You can contact us with anything related to our Services. We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.