Software Asset Management

For organizations that want the benefits of Software Asset Management (SAM), including minimized compliance risk and cost reductions, but who don’t have the bandwidth or specialist skills on staff to manage a fully-fledged SAM program, there is an answer. Our customers can choose a level of service that’s right for their SAM needs, from basic annual ‘SAM Baseline’ activities through to proactive Software Asset Management as a Service where the organization will receive monthly license compliance- and potential saving reports.

Reduce Risks

With our SAM Services you manage license compliance throught your organization; you lower the risk of noncompliance.


Drive down Procurement Costs

We can save you a lot of money, our clients reduce their software spend by up to 30% during the first 12 months.


Increase Security

A SAM program will reduce the downloading or purchasing of software from unauthorized sites that can infect computers with viruses.


Utilize Assets

With SAM you understand how software is being installed in your organization and avoid asset sprawl and over- or under-purchasing of licenses


Save Time

A SAM Program will save you time. If all assets & licenses are organized, your next decisions are fast taken.


Get Support

Software Vendor do not offer technical support for unregistered software. SAM ensures that you use only genuine software, which entitles you to support.

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