Software Licensing Consulting

Our licensing know-how & documentations ensures that we can consult you in perfection. You don`t have to waste your time with searching online for an asnwer or asking many people that can`t help you. An GSPC Software Licensing Consultant ist what you need.

Save Time

A SAM Program will save you time. If all assets & licenses are organized, your next decisions are fast taken.


Drive down Procurement Costs

We can save you a lot of money, our clients reduce their software spend by up to 30% during the first 12 months.


Negotiation Support

We know the limits or what other customers are paying. With this knowledge we can support you to close the best deal.


Independent Consulting

We are independent. We focus on licensing & price reduction only; we don’t sell the software ourselves. Our Goal is that you excately pay what you use.


Reduce Risk

We help you to manage compliance throughout your organization; you lower the risk of noncompliance.


Expertise Support

Our team supports you 24/7/365 during any step of the way so that you always receive a quick and competent answer.

We'd love to hear from you

You can contact us with anything related to our Services. We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.